How to install Meteor in Cloud 9 IDE

Current version of Meteor is 0.5.9

Create an account on Cloud 9 IDE

Create a workspace

Open the workspace

Open a terminal

On the bottom right of the page click on Open a Terminal

Install Meteor

Copy & paste the following line in the terminal:

curl | sh

Let's code

You can now create and run and deploy a meteor project:

meteor create my_cool_app
cd my_cool_app

Refresh the IDE tree

On the IDE, you can refresh the tree to display new created files with the gear on the top left of the page.

Display your website

If your workspace is myworkspace and your login mylogin, then you can see your running meteor at this url:

Auto update!

Each time, someone edit and save a file on cloud 9 ide, it'll automatically update your website!

Update Meteor

If you want to reinstall or update to a new version of Meteor, just do the same as an install, copy & paste the following line in the terminal:

curl | sh


You can see the diff between the official meteor install and the c9 so you can do the changes by hand if you want.


This installer was made by Vianney Lecroart aka acemtp.